Learn Spanish Words 1

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Learn Spanish Words 1 is an interactive word flashcard game good for both kids and adults alike. Using real-life photographs and Spanish narration, this app will help you to build a simple word vocabulary in Spanish on 12 popular learning topics. This app is free to download and gives you access to 3 free categories to try. Unlock the app to get complete access to all 12 word categories. The categories include the following basic Spanish topics: animals, numbers, colors, body parts, shapes, household, fruits, meal time, weather, ocean, and clothing. At each stage of the game, you will be presented with four flashcard images and a word. You're encouraged to tap on the select answer. For even easier play, you also have the option of displaying two flashcard images instead of four. Try to get all your answers correct and score a perfect 3 stars in every word category. Through repetitive playing, you'll feel the joy of learning your first Spanish language words! tags: learn spanish, spanish for beginners, teach spanish to children, dictionary, easy, education, flashcard, free, game, grammar, help, how, intro, kids, kindergarten, language, learning, lessons, phrases, preschool, quiz, speak, study, talk, teach, toddler, training, translation, tutor, vocabulary, word