Learn Spanish Words 2

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Looking for an easier way to build your Spanish language skills? Try Learn Spanish Words 2, the second app in the Learn Spanish series by Firetap Mobile. This app is primarily aimed at children, but adult beginners seeking to learn Spanish words will find value in this app as well. The Spanish words taught in this app are appropriate for the reading level of preschool children ages 3-4. Choose from twelve different word categories, including: animals, school, outdoors, tools, transportation, vegetables, positions, movement, music, shapes, and sports. Select the correct picture from four (or two, if four is too difficult) flashcard images. Stars are awarded at the end of each game based on the number of correct and incorrect answers you made. Try to master all 12 word categories by getting a perfect 3 stars in every category. This app is free to download and gives you access to 3 free categories to try. Unlock the app to get complete access to all 12 word categories. Give Learn Spanish 2 a try and make learning the words of a new language a fun and rewarding experience! tags: children dictionary vocabulary help beginner kids learning phrases read say game study talk teach toddler training translation tutor audio book easy education free fun grammar how intro kindergarten preschool quiz