Learn Spanish Words 3

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Increase your Spanish word vocabulary with Learn Spanish Words 3. This is the third app in the Learn Spanish series by Firetap Mobile. Each of our language learning apps in this 3-app series covers different words increasing in level of difficulty. The vocabulary words contained in this app are aimed at kindergarten-level reading, but adults wanting to learn basic Spanish words will also find this app useful. This flashcard app features hundreds of high quality images with text and English/Spanish narration. There are 12 different word categories to choose from including: animals, fruit, plants, household, sports, senses and feelings, body, seasons and nature, careers, helping at home, and insects and spiders. For each category, you have the option of showing either 2 or 4 flashcards at a time. You will hear the narrator speak a word, and the object of the game is to select the correct flashcard the narrator has named in Spanish. Try to get all answers correct to score a perfect 3 stars in each word category! This app is free to download and gives you access to 3 free categories to try. Unlock the app to get complete access to all 12 word categories. Repetitive playing is key to improving your memory of Spanish words, and it’s all possible with Learn Spanish Words 3!